About Us

Hey babes!

My name is Mikayla and I am so happy you're here!

This boutique was established in April 2020 and I am here to tell you how it started. This brand was built from the ground up. I started this brand because I had zero confidence in myself. Zero. I played collegiate soccer before I got a severe concussion and had to dropout. I had no passion for anything anymore. Once I prayed myself out of this hole, I created this brand to provide clothes that YOU can feel confident in!

I am extremely passionate about this brand and what it stands for. God is the only reason I’m here and He allowed me to use this boutique to help others!

I want to encourage you to always express who you are with style and confidence.

Lovayla Boutique is built on quality, transparency, and authenticity. I encourage you to always be yourself and find your style within this brand.

All of our clothing items are handpicked specially for you. I hope to create a comfortable, but cute look to your wardrobe! Now, I know how much you love to shop so get to it!

Treat yourself to something new! You're worth it, and you deserve it. 

xoxo, Lovayla Boutique