About Us

Hey babes!

My name is Mikayla and I am so happy you're here!

This boutique was established in April 2020 and I am here to tell you how it started. This brand was built from the ground up. I started this brand because I had zero confidence in myself. Zero. I played collegiate soccer before I got a severe concussion and had to dropout. I had no passion for anything anymore. Once I prayed myself out of this hole, I created this brand to provide clothes that YOU can feel confident in!

I am extremely passionate about this brand and what it stands for. God is the only reason I’m here and He allowed me to use this boutique to help others!

I want to encourage you to always express who you are with style and confidence.

With country events year round, you want an outfit that is trendy. At Lovayla Boutique, you will find affordable western clothes that will make you confident!

All of our clothing items are handpicked specially for you. I hope to create a comfortable, but cute look to your wardrobe! Now, I know how much you love to shop so get to it!

Treat yourself to something new! You're worth it, and you deserve it. 

xoxo, Lovayla Boutique